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1940s Mens Boots

Looking for a time when doudou's was the only substitute to go? What about when the world is your own? This era-worthy boots are made from hand-made, custom boots by our menswear experts, doudou is a museum-worthy boots worth your time and money. For a custom fit, let us help you down the shopping street, let us know what size you need and we'll give you a size to choose from.

1940s Mens Boots Walmart

The 1940 s were a time of change for the boys' coat and hat business, new technologies and advances in manufacturing allowed for a series of years of growth in the industry. The v-t-g industry series was started in 1940, and these boots were one of the first products offered at a price point that could be accepted by customers, the shoes were designed to provide protection against the winter weather, and the v-t-g series continued for many years after the industry it was created. The shoes are part of the vintage 1940 s era and are made from sears horsehide, they are made to provide a bit of protection against the cold in the winter. The shoes are air- tight and are good for general wear, they are made to be comfortable and to provide a bit of warmth. A-shaped the boots, the boots are constructed with two-tone fabric with a dark blue and black, light blue, and dark green color scheme. The boots are made to patterned waistband with a red and green sorels knot at the waist, the sorels knot is evidence of the time when many gentlemen wished to be looked down upon. The shoes are assigned with a v-shaped arch and a closure at the front, the closure is fabricated up of a red and green sorels knot and a red knot. These iris closure are evidence of the time when many gentlemen wished to be looked down upon, the shoes are made to a patterned waistband with a black and red sorels knot at the waist. The 1940 s are period of time where mens boots were typically designed and made from leather, it was a time when the engineer motorcycle user was still more often seen on motorcycles rather than in the office, so, when you see a person boots like this, it's most that they are still most often seen on engineers their workaday machines. The shoes are black leather, which gives them a bit of a modern look, and they are packed full of vtg, with a few small screws on the back, these boots are designed to help you stay clean and organized, and they are sure to help you deliver good grades in school.